Answers To Life's Greatest Questions... (Ok, Maybe That's a Little Bit of a Stretch)

What type of guarantee do you offer on your products?

We have a lifetime guarantee on all products as well as 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Basically, if the item ever breaks we will ship you out a new one. Or if you are not happy with your oder, just let us know and we will refund your money. Simple as that!

How do I register for my lifetime guarantee?

All products are automatically registered for the guarantee via Amazon so you dont need to register it after purchase.

How do I sign up for the 90% off coupon code for my next Amazon purchase?

As our way of saying thank you for your purchase, we offer all customers a 90% off coupon code for their next Amazon order. You can claim your free coupon code at www.freeamazonproducts.net

How does your VIP review program work?

We give out free coupon codes for 100% off our new products, we typically limit this to about 25 and when you use the 100% off coupon you literally get free products from us! Why do we do this you might be asking, the reason is simple actually. We are looking for real, unbiased reviews so we only ask those that are willing to leave a review on amazon to participate. The 90% off coupons are not required for you to leave a review, but it is recommended.

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