Our History


Our Birth

After 12 years of purchasing products on amazon.com from sellers who constantly let me down with their cheap products, long shipping times, and overpriced items… I had finally had enough. So I took my Harvard Business skills and began an online business that ONLY sells the greatest products ever created. I built the foundation of Product Stop on the principle of doing the exact opposite from all the horrible things every other seller on amazon is doing.


Tired of Bad Experiences

You know what really bothered me when I ordered things on amazon? I was tired of purchasing things and waiting weeks for the item to arrive. Only to find out that once the product finally arrived, it wasn’t what I wanted, and I had absolutely no recourse to get my money back. The product had no guarantee whatsoever. I hated not knowing that if the item wasn’t EXACTLY what I wanted, I would lose my money. It was like gambling. And I hate to gamble.


People Want Difference

You know what? You deserve better. You don’t want to mess with sellers that don’t know what they’re doing who are selling their grandmothers junk. You don’t need to buy poorly constructed products which sellers label “best product ever” to try and swindle a few hard earned bucks out of your pocket. What you need is… Perfection. (Well, close to perfection at least). At Product Stop, we feel that we are pretty dang close to being perfect on two things: Choosing which products to sell, and then selling them on amazon. So ya, we’re pretty amazing… Or, at least that’s what we’ve heard from over 25,000 others.

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